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Welcome to Goosebrook Meadows Sugar House! 


We are a family-owned sugar house, boiling quality 100% Pure New Hampshire maple syrup from locally tapped maple trees in the shadow of Mt. Monadnock in southwestern New Hampshire.  Our syrup is made in a traditional wood-fired evaporator.

Doug grew up sugaring with his uncle in Hancock, NH, just a few miles from where we live now. His passion for sugaring was reignited in 2011 while we were burning a brush pile with friends.  He found a rusty old sugaring bucket left from the old farm that used to exist where we built our home. He jokingly hung it on a tree.

The rest is history.


We had very humble beginnings indeed.  He bought a 24” X 33” evaporator for $25, re-bricked it and put it in our wide-open pole barn.  He partially sided one end, and wrapped 2 ½ of the other sides in blue tarp.  We borrowed buckets, spouts, lids and a few essential tools from our dear friend Nancy, who’s Dad sugared at one time.  That first year we had about 120 buckets out on our property, as well as on the property of two friends.

We spent many VERY long nights feeding the fire of that little evaporator.  There was no floor, and as spring made its presence known the water would flow through the barn – we would have to stand on pieces of wood, the wind billowing through.


Each year we have slowly added taps, tubing and updated equipment, including a brand new, larger 2’ X 6’ wood-fired evaporator which is air-tight for efficiency.  The pole barn has been resurrected into a true sugarhouse with concrete flooring, siding, cupola, woodsheds and additions that house new equipment and a bottling white room.  We also added a very successful honor-system roadside stand in 2020 so there is easy 24/7 access to all our products.


Considering we are all employed full-time, none of this would have been possible without the continual support, assistance and elbow grease from many friends and family members.  To them, and all our loyal customers we are forever indebted.

The Byam Family


Family-owned sugar house -  100% Pure New Hampshire Maple Syrup from locally tapped maple trees in the shadow of Mt. Monadnock of Southwestern NH.

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