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Maple Bacon Twists

Prep Time - 5 min

Cook Time - 25 min

Total Time - 30 min


  1. 12 strips thick cut, uncured pastured bacon

  2. 1 tsp sea salt, plus more for sprinkling once cooked (omit the 1 tsp if using cured bacon)

  3. 2 Tbsp pure Goosebrook Meadows Maple Syrup


  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees.

  2. Place bacon strips in a foil-lined roasting pan (I place a metal drying rack inside the pan and lay the bacon on the rack so drippings fall into the foiled roasting pan below).

  3. Salt both sides of bacon strips with the teaspoon of sea salt.

  4. Grab each end of a bacon strip and twist in opposite directions until it resembles a pretzel twist, then lay it back on the rack. Repeat for each strip. (I like the fun shape of the twists but you can skip the twisting if you'd like).

  5. Cook for 20 minutes, turning the strips halfway through for even cooking.

  6. When the strips are golden brown and nearly done, remove from oven and use a pastry brush to spread the maple syrup evenly across all the strips (I only brush one side).

  7. Cook for another 3-5 minutes, to your liking.

  8. Sprinkle with a little extra sea salt and serve.


  1. Leftover strips can be reheated for a few minutes in a 350 degree oven.

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